Isle Futures job

Volunteers’ Week 2021 – Isle Futures

The team at Isle Futures in the Machars joined us for a question and answer session to show the importance of their volunteers.

Name: Isle Futures

How many volunteers do you have? We have many willing volunteers throughout the village who help with specific events as and when. We have 11 active volunteers who help us every week, including 5 board members.

What roles do they have? We have board trustees, those who work a weekly morning shift in the shop and those who help in the tea room/kitchen. We also have some who help us to organised events, perform at events and work behind the bar.

What made your organisation decide to take on volunteers? We could not function effectively without them. We also have a strong community spirit here in this small rural area and people want to be involved and support local businesses and organisations.

What impact have volunteers had on your organisation? A huge impact. They are vital to the smooth running of our organisation, without them we simply could not do many of the things we do.

What positive impact has your organisation had on volunteers?  We are able to provide training specific to each volunteers role, such as alcohol sales training, food safety and hygiene certification and first aid. The sense of community is great here which I believe also allows the volunteer the knowledge that they really do make a difference.

What makes a great volunteer? Positivity, enthusiasm, willingness to learn new skills.

What makes somewhere a great place to volunteer? Where they are greatly appreciated, invested in and treated with kindness, consideration and respect.

What would you say to a potential volunteer still unsure about taking that step? Try it and see! Make sure you pick something that you enjoy doing, will learn new skills in, or feel you are making a difference.

What would you like to say to volunteers for Volunteers Week? Thank you, you are truly amazing.