Volunteers’ Week 2021 – A’ the Airts

One of the youngest volunteers at A’ the Airts is 13-year-old James Bridgwood.

James has been volunteering at the Sanquhar community arts centre for two years and helps with the over-50s club in his half-term breaks from school and volunteers every Saturday morning.

James is a very polite young man who is always willing to help and likes to talk to older members of the community and learn about the town and its history.

He is a keen photographer and has his photographs on display in A’ the Airts. He is also a member of the Youth Theatre.

A representative from A’ the Airts said: “We like to have people volunteering of all ages, this intergenerational work generates new thoughts and ideas.

“Our volunteers range from 13 to almost 80 years old. You are never too young or old to volunteer and we could not survive as a charity without their hard work.”

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