Shaping the future of Loch Ken – Online Forum, Thursday June 4, 7pm – 8.30pm

An exciting future awaits Loch Ken. With the establishment of the Loch Ken Trust, the community is being put at the heart of planning what that future could look like.

Loch Ken is a centrepiece of the Ken/Dee Valley and one of the jewels in the UNESCO Biosphere in South West Scotland. Forming part of the famous Galloway Hydro Scheme, the loch is almost ten miles long, boasting clean water, amazing scenery and a wide variety of attractions.

The ‘Loch Ken Alive’ project aims to support the different user groups in the area, benefitting businesses and communities around the loch. The project consists of websites, events and festivals.

A vital element underpinning all of this is the drafting of a new ‘Loch Ken Plan’, acting as a masterplan for the area, both for use by locals but also raising the profile of this amazing asset and our wider region on the national stage.

On Thursday June 4, from 7pm-8.30pm, an online forum will be held to update everyone on progress being made and seek input on shaping the future for Loch Ken.

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The Loch Ken Alive project is being led by Barney Fryer. In advance of the online forum.

Barney said: “Loch Ken is one of the most amazing and beautiful areas in the UK. Whether it is the breath-taking landscapes, thriving communities or entrepreneurial spirit of the local businesses, this area really has it all.

“Loch Ken Alive is all about supporting the community to make the most of all these assets, to benefit everyone. As the world emerges from the current crisis, we are going to need examples of how the future can be better than the past. Loch Ken can be one of those guiding lights.

“Join us on June 4 to have your say on what is great about Loch Ken now and how it could be even better.”

The Loch Ken Alive project is assisting the establishment of a new organisation to support communities, businesses and other groups in the area, called the ‘Loch Ken Trust’.

Alan Smith, Chairman of this new organisation, added: “It really is important that we hear from all interested parties so please do join our online forum on the 4th or contact Barney at any time. Our earlier consultation event in Parton was really well attended and we hope to build on those beginnings and take another important step forward towards building a plan to shape the future of Loch Ken.”

The event on June 4 forms only a part of the ongoing consultation activity. If you are unable to attend but would like to input, please contact Barney on 07470 557742 or