Mindfulness: Taking it Further – 12-month course coming January

“What can I do next?”

This quote is not untypical of what people say following a Mindfulness-based Programme. What does happen next? What sustains people beyond the programmes? How can we help people maintain their mindfulness practice? How can we support people to live with greater wisdom, balance and responsiveness in the myriad different moments of their real lives? This course offers that guidance and support.

Taking it Further was recently developed by the University of Oxford Mindfulness Centre and is intended for anyone who has completed an eight-week mindfulness course (MBSR, MBCT, Mindfulness for Life, etc.) and provides participants with support and guidance for sustaining and deepening their mindfulness practice.

This new programme is for graduates of 8-week mindfulness programmes to:

  • Reinforce and deepen their mindfulness practice.
  • Deepen and broaden the learning of the key themes from the 8-week curriculum
  • Support participants in applying all that is learned in their lives, in ways that are consonant with their values.
  • Provide a shared community of practice.
  • Develop participants’ capacity and confidence to deepen and extend learning independently.
  • The programme comprises twelve themes. Examples of the themes are: attention!; inhabiting our bodies; appreciating the life you have; how can I best take care of myself and others?; cool head, warm heart: the art of balance and equanimity and; being the change you’d like to see in the world.

This programme will be offered monthly over a year.

Costs: Supported rate £250; Standard rate £275; Supporting rate £300 – support others to attend who are on a low income

For more information and an application form call 01556 610260.