Launch of the Galloway Glens: Future Ready initiative

Galloway Glens: Future Ready is a project focussing on the 16-24 age group, encouraging them to connect with the amazing heritage of the Galloway Glens area, and build a real love of all things Galloway.

The Galloway Glens Scheme is five years of co-ordinated activity in the Ken/Dee valley in South West Scotland, seeking to connect people their heritage, while boosting the local economy and supporting sustainable communities. The Scheme runs from 2018 until 2023, with a range of projects underway.

While progress has been made on a range of projects, it is felt that the scheme could go even further in its efforts to engage with the next generation of Galloway residents. Building a connection between our young people and the area yields a whole range of benefits here and now, but it also contributes to the bigger challenge we face, with the common departure of our young and working age population.

This week sees the launch of the ‘Galloway Glens: Future Ready’ initiative to engage and inspire the next generation with the special qualities of Galloway. Dedicated twitter, Instagram and tiktok channels have been set up – please follow them to see the project progress.

Twitter: @GGFutureReady

Instagram: @gg_futureready

TikTok: @GGFutureReady

The focus of these new channels will be on:

• The stories and work undertaken by the Galloway Glens Scheme;

• Broader topics such as how to access the Scottish Outdoors responsibly;

• Diverse heritage stories from the Galloway Glens; and

• Looking forward to the COP26 climate summit in November 2021.

The Galloway Glens: Future Ready initiative is being led by James Rhys, recently appointed as the Galloway Glens Youth Communications Co-Ordinator.

James said: “The Galloway Glens are involved in so many fascinating projects and have shown a real dedication to investing time and resources in young people, so I’m thrilled to have been given the opportunity to work with them on this exciting new project. I hope that we can not only engage more effectively with young people across the Galloway Glens catchment, but also provide them with an opportunity to share their views and ambitions for the region going forward.”

The initiative is being overseen by Helen Keron, the Galloway Glens Education & Community Engagement Officer.

Helen added: “I’m really excited by this new initiative and how it will evolve over 2021. James brings a new eye to the work of the Galloway Glens and I think these new channels are going to reflect the fresh and vibrant side of Galloway that can be easy to overlook. The young people of the area are its future and we want to make sure we are communicating effectively with them so that we can support them in their aspirations to stay, work and enjoy living in the Galloway Glens.”

The project forms part of the broader Galloway Glens Scheme, primarily funded by the National Lottery Heritage Fund, with support from a range of partners including Dumfries & Galloway Council’s Environment Team.