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Funding for Scottish Museums to Recover from COVID-19 Crisis

Museums Galleries Scotland’s Recover and Resilience Fund is intended to prevent museums from running out of funds before Wednesday March 31.

The fund will also support museums develop their resilience by adapting to changed circumstances, supporting their workforce and re-engaging with their communities.

Any independent museum run by a not for profit organisation. Museums must operate a physical site/space/building which is normally open to the public for at least 20 days a year.

The following will be supported by the fund:

  • Operating costs up to Wednesday March 31
  • Re-start costs
  • Critical repairs and maintenance
  • Business model review and implementation costs
  • Activity to support and develop community wellbeing
  • Various other activities to build up sustainability and resilience.

The fund opened on Monday August 17 and will accepts applications until 5pm on Friday October 30.

More information can be found here.