Free learning bites webinars from Volunteer Scotland from June to October

Volunteer Scotland have developed 10 online webinars covering topics from six face-to-face training courses.

The webinars will be live sessions delivered by one of the Volunteer Scotland practice team and are for practitioners to come together to learn about good practice and share practice.

The webinars will last two hours and will be delivered online through Zoom.

The list and booking links are:

Planning for Volunteering

This session will focus on resources to support a volunteer programme and look at what should be included in a volunteer policy. Book Now.

Developing a Volunteer Culture

This session will be focusing on your organisations volunteer culture and how aspects of culture might impact upon someone’s experience of volunteering. Book Now.

Developing Volunteer Roles

This session will be focusing on how to develop volunteer roles and how to create volunteer role descriptions. Book Now.   

Developing Volunteer Strategy

This session will explain the purpose and benefits of a volunteering strategy. Book Now.

Volunteers Mental Wellbeing

The aim of this session is to raise the awareness of mental health and wellbeing within our volunteer programmes. Book Now.

Volunteer Induction

This session will be focusing on how to develop a positive volunteer induction. Book Now.

Managing Difficult Situations

This session will be focusing on how to manage volunteer difficult situations.  Book Now.

Volunteer Change Management

This session will be focusing on change management and how this affects your volunteer programme. Book Now.

Supporting Volunteers

This session will be focusing on how to identify and apply the right support methods for the individual. Book Now.

Involving and matching volunteers to roles/tasks

This session will be focusing on how to involving and matching volunteers to roles/tasks. Book Now.

Action and Learning Group

Volunteer Scotland has created a group of volunteer practitioners from a wide range of organisations (operating locally and nationally) to share their experience and good practice, if you would like to attend one of these group sessions please Book Here.