Volunteers’ Week – TGB Gatehouse

TGB Gatehouse provides volunteering opportunities for people of different ages in a way, which harnesses the skills and experience of the community.

For Volunteers’ Week, we are looking at how they have adapted during the lockdown to face very different times as a group but remaining as busy as ever.

The group has tried to think outside the box for ways to continue a provision to its young people and their families.

A summary of what the organisation has achieved over this period follows:

  • They have handed out 90 activity packs to children and young people.
  • About 100 sunflower seed packs have been provided for all ages to take part in a sunflower growing competition.
  • A Facebook page – called Gatehouse Up Beatz – has been created for young people and their parents to put updates on home schooling and other positive things.
  • Partnering with Gatehouse YMCA Drop In, a dedicated Youth Hotline has been created for young people to call with any concerns or even just for a chat.
  • 90 craft packs for children and young people have been handed out.
  • Similarly, they have handed out 100 emergency two-day food packages for those in need.
  • 30-35 vegetable packages for the elderly have been distributed on a weekly basis
  • A COVID 19 Hardship grant has been secured and now weekly food boxes are supplied to those who have been financially impacted by COVID10 within Gatehouse, this week those boxes covered 94 people.
  • A Rotary grant has also been secured so they can distribute another 90 packs for children and young people over the next week, this time they requested art supplies.
  • A weekly phone chat is held with all elderly group members to check in on them.
  • Facebook live weekly Family Quiz every Monday night with a local Beavers leader, Pastor, Primary school teacher, Sports coach and Volunteer providing the questions. The quiz has proved to be hugely popular with families for all over taking part each week and all engaging in online chat.

TGB Gatehouse send a big thank you to all local businesses, shops, many volunteers and the Gatehouse Community Church for making all this possible.

If you know of an organisation or volunteers that should feature in our coverage this week, there is still time to let us know. Email with details and a picture.