Volunteers’ Week – organisation profile of The Hub in Dumfries

Our Volunteers’ Week celebration continues with a profile of The Hub in Dumfries, who again outlined how important volunteers are to the charity.

1. Name: The hub – your community action centre

2. How many volunteers do you have? 195

3. What roles do they have? The hub is a base for several organisations therefore volunteering opportunities are varied and interesting. They include admin, reception, community research, supported on-line drop in sessions, social media and many more.

4. What made your organisation decide to take on volunteers? Volunteers bring skills, experience and knowledge to our organisation and we greatly value their contribution to our services.

5. What impact have volunteers had on your organisation? Many of our services rely on the time and energy that volunteers give to continue.

6. What positive impact has your organisation had on volunteers? Our volunteers gain new skills and have a chance to develop existing skills. They receive lots of training and often go on to find employment or return to study. There is also the opportunity to socialise and make new friends.

7. What makes a great volunteer? Enthusiasm, willingness to learn and passion for what we do.

8. What makes somewhere a great place to volunteer? Open and friendly environment, plenty of support and training and appreciation of what volunteers do for the organisation.

9. What would you say to a potential volunteer still unsure about taking that step? Give it a try!

10. What would you like to say to volunteers for Volunteers Week? Thank you!

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