Volunteers’ Week – Alex Currie

Next up in Volunteers’ Week is Alex Currie  – the parish minister in Whithorn/Isle of Whithorn.

When lockdown began, Alex decided to make it his job to keep in contact with as many people as possible by telephone.

To date, he has made almost 300 calls, as well as emails and letters to people who for whatever reason do not use the phone.

Initially, the calls were to elderly people whom he knew were self-isolating but that has grown to include many others.

He is often asked by people worried about the mental health of loved ones to give them a ring. Some of these calls are fairly quick, others are much longer.

This situation is likely to continue for some time and he will continue calling people as long as it is needed.

If you know of an organisation or volunteers that should feature in our coverage this week, there is still time to let us know. Email with details and a picture.