Help make a difference by volunteering

Why volunteer? -You can meet new people; be “part of something”; improve your self-confidence; learn new skills or develop existing ones; improve your job prospects, through gaining experience; make a difference; and participate in a fun, enjoyable and sometimes social activity.

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volunteerNeed more help?

If you are interested in volunteering and would like some more help finding an opportunity, please email and a member of our team will be in touch or come into our offices in Dumfries, Dalbeattie or Stranraer. Details HERE.


Having volunteers support your organisation is a great way to involve your community.    There are many other benefits to be gained from volunteers: ability to deliver enhanced services; opportunity to grow your organisation; additional skills; more people promoting the work of your organisation; and options for better or more flexible service delivery.

We know that some volunteer involving organisations are concerned about how to work with volunteers during Covid.  We would urge you to follow the advice from Jason Leitch the Scottish Government’s National Clinical Director, which can be viewed here: Webinar 

We also have Volunteer good practice guidance for Dumfries and Galloway available to view here:

If you would like to advertise a volunteering opportunity on our website, please complete the following HERE.

All opportunities found here are reviewed every six months.

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