Transition Fund for Scotland’s disabled youths to be expanded

ILF Scotland has reached a £2.5 million funding milestone through its Transition Fund, and has just received backing to extend its remit to help even more young disabled people and those with long-term conditions across Scotland.

The organisation currently provides financial awards and grants to over 3000 disabled people in Scotland to help them live independently and to participate in their communities.

Since 2017, the public body has approved over £2.5 million in Transition Fund grants for disabled people aged 16-21. The fund will now extend support to include eligible recipients aged between 16-25.

The Transition Fund aims to help promote independence, community participation, social inclusion and confidence amongst young disabled people to help them make a smoother transition from childhood into adulthood.

More than 1050 young people across every Scottish region have received grants from ILF Scotland, with several hundred further applications expected to be approved over the coming months. To date, successful applications include funding for horsemanship lessons, start-up money for a bakery business, DJ equipment, vocal coaching and driving lessons.

Many of the young people have used their funding to help them into work, either by gaining qualifications or launching and developing their own businesses and social enterprises.


Peter Scott, CEO of ILF Scotland added: “£2.5 million in funding is an incredible milestone to have reached. We are delighted that so many young disabled people have gained opportunities to try out new activities that promote their independence and are even happier to learn that more young people will benefit thanks to the announcement of the fund’s extension.

“The transition period from childhood to adulthood can be challenging for all young people, but it has been identified as a time when disabled people can be particularly vulnerable. I know from meeting with many Transition Fund recipients first-hand what a difference this funding has made to their confidence and ability to be involved with their communities, during what could otherwise be a very isolating time for them.

“There is more to be done, and we look forward to welcoming new applications to the Transition Fund.”

The ILF Scotland Transition Fund is open to all young disabled people aged 16-25 living in Scotland who need support with a health condition. Applications can be made here.

Picture: Independent Living Fund Scotland.