Workshop toolkit for voluntary and community sector ahead of EU Exit

THE Scottish Government has created a toolkit for the voluntary and community sector ahead of a European Union exit.

The pack helps organisations to run their own in-house business continuity workshops.

The materials reflect the content and structure of workshops which have been run in partnership with Regional Resilience Partners and the Health and Social Care Sector.

The information contained in the documents has been de-classified and drawn from open source materials, such as trusted websites and mainstream news articles.

The purpose of running a workshop on potential impacts of the EU Exit could be to help the organisation look again at their existing business continuity arrangement and ensure they are fit for purpose, considering potential challenges.

It could also ask what challenges the organisation, its staff and its stakeholders could face and discuss how to prepare for potential disruptions.

The workshop will also ensure they are working closely with existing partners to ‘share the load’, or identify potential opportunities, or increased demands on their service, arising from potential disruptions.

Organisations will also be asked to consider how they could be “better plugged” into partnership arrangements such as the Regional Resilience Partnerships at a local level.

The content can be added to or adapted as necessary to reflect needs. The toolkit materials can also be scaled up or down depending on the nature and scale of the organisations.

The toolkit can be accessed at this link: CLICK HERE.