Timebanking initiative considered for Annandale and Eskdale

A proposal to create a new timebanking initiative in Annandale and Eskdale will be discussed this month.

Time banking is a rewarding way to bring communities ­together to share and trade their skills with time acting as the ­currency.

The initiative is the most ­common way for people to earn something in exchange for their time, usually through skills-swapping – a person can earn a credit for some ­gardening, for example, and trade it for an hour of ironing.

The Safe and Healthy ­Action Partnership leading the ­Annandale and Eskdale ­proposal is ­inviting you to an open ­meeting to find out more on ­Tuesday October 29 from 1.30pm to 3.30pm at Cummertrees Village Hall.

They are very keen to hear from and involve people who have previous experience of being timebankers and also welcome people who have an interest in learning more.

Please telephone 01461 207728 to book a place.