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We must prepare for Brexit

THIRD Sector Dumfries and Galloway (TSDG) is planning ahead for the impact of Brexit – deal or no deal.

Chief executive Norma Austin Hart admitted that during the festive season many would be looking forward to a break from the Brexit news coverage.

But, she said the role of the third sector had to be considered in depth in the event of a no deal departure from the European Union, as well as thought given to longer term issues if Britain leaves with a deal and has to navigate through a transition period.

“While we wait for the response to our Brexit concerns from our elected members of the Scottish Parliament and Westminster, we will start to identify the most practical ways we can work with third sector organisations to prepare for what might or might not happen,” Ms Austin Hart said.

“We will be meeting with our colleagues in the council and NHS in the new year to share our thoughts so let us know if you can help.”

Third sector groups and organisations are encouraged to send TSDG any ideas and suggestions they might have in connection with the sector and Brexit.