Tackling poverty initiatives to be discussed by councillors

Initiatives for tackling anti-poverty in Dumfries and Galloway Council over the next year will be discussed next week 

A total of £200,000 has been given to an Area Committee Anti-Poverty grand budget with projects being selected by the public to receive funding.

Other initiatives funded through the 2019/20 Policy Development fund and then incorporated into the Anti-Poverty Strategy Action Plan include:

  • £20,000 for Credit Union development to allow for more work to be done with local employers, in a bid to increase the number of people saving direct from their salary as well as raising the profile of credit unions within the area. 

  • £100,000 to fund the existing Taxi Card Scheme for the upcoming financial year.  If agreed, the current membership would receive the same number of vouchers / cards as they did during 18/19.

  • £260,000 to fund the distribution and staffing of Crisis Grants.  Through the Council’s Financial Wellbeing and Revenues team, £200,000 will be used to disburse awards to those who need it most throughout Dumfries and Galloway, with £60,000 contributing to the staff costs that allow grants to get out to the most vulnerable.

  • £100,000 to Tackling Child poverty.  The council recognise that school uniform can be a significant cost to families and want to ensure this is not a barrier.  They currently provide £100 per eligible pupil for school clothing grant.  This £100,000 worth of funding would allow the Council to put the grant up to £134 per pupil and in doing so increase the grant by £34.  At the same time, they will review how these grants are issued and ensure it’s as easy as it can be for every pupil who is eligible to receive their grant without stigma.