Easy read surveys to collect views on Mental Health Act ideas

The independent review of the Mental Health Act has produced ideas that could have a major impact on the lives of people with learning disabilities and autism.

A new consultation has started in which people can give their views on those ideas.

There are easy read surveys to explain what the ideas are and to ask people what they think of them.

The surveys cover eight different ideas and can be found here –

The individual surveys are:

1. Autism and learning disability as disabilities (easy read)

2. Making decisions (easy read)

3. Support, care, and treatment (easy read)

4. Places where support happens (easy read)

5. Rules for professionals (Easy Read)

6. Checking Decisions (Easy Read)

7. People who do crimes (Easy Read)

8. The Law (plain english)

There is also some easy read information about the Review – Information about the review – easy read

The surveys close on November 1.

Paper copies of the surveys can be requested from IRMHA at –  or by calling 07718 484543.