Recruitment of enterprise agency board members to begin

The recruitment process for board members for the new South of Scotland Enterprise will begin in just over a week.

An open session in Dumfries and Galloway College on Monday aimed at aspiring board members of the new economic development agency in South of Scotland revealed the start date as Monday December 9.

Russell Griggs, the recently appointed Chair of the board of South of Scotland Enterprise, led an open session. It was attended by around 50 people from a wide range of backgrounds.

The new agency, when it starts on April 1 next year, will be responsible for all economic development in South of Scotland.

The invitation to apply for board membership will last about two months closing “in February 2010”.

In year one, the agency will have six new board members and some existing SOSEP board members will move to the board of SOSE. Interviews will be on February 11-13 in Dumfries.

The application can be accessed in the Scottish Government Public Appointments Portal –

See below for more details about the open session and the recruitment process, as prepared by Norma Austin Hart, chief executive of Third Sector Dumfries and Galloway, who attended this session on behalf of the third sector:

Each public appointment has a candidate’s pack, which includes criteria for candidate selection by the panel.

Some criteria apply to all public appointments such as ‘seeing the bigger picture’, ‘longer term planning’, ‘constructive challenging’.

The selection panel will be chaired by Russell Griggs supported by an advisor and two other board members.

Shortlisted candidates will be invited for interviews. Interviews will be competency based and will include an exercise or a case study.

There will also be scrutiny of your time availability and potential conflicts of interest.


Professor Griggs wants the SOSE board to:

  • Have a diverse range of skills and experience
  • Be passionately interested in South of Scotland
  • Take a fresh approach
  • This will be an objective process
  • Appointments made by Government Ministers
  • Tailor your application: –

It’s not a CV, tick all boxes, answer all questions and make it applicable to the appointment

For example, make it clear and easy to read.

  • Start to sell yourself in the application

Your examples should lead to questions at interview

  • Don’t presume that your experience needs to be ‘high-flying’
  • You do need to be able to persuade the panel that your skills can transfer to this board.
  • If you do apply and you don’t get through don’t be discouraged – these are very competitive processes, try again.

Finally, make sure it is something you are passionate about, this will come through.

Day rate of £261 per day for 2.6 days per month with travel and childcare costs also covered.

Initial appointments are for three years.


Potential candidates are encouraged to create an account as soon as possible on the Appointment for Scotland website in preparation for the announcement on December 9 of the recruitment of board members.

Changing the chemistry will run free workshops for aspiring board members.

Monday December 9 in Dumfries (1) 12-1.30pm (2) 6-7.30pm

Tuesday December 10 in Galashields (1) 12-1.30pm (2) 6-7.30pm


Check are the Code of Ethical Standards in the Ethical Standards Commission website

These apply to all public appointments.

Appointment for Scotland

Changing the Chemistry

Ethical Standards Commission



Scottish Government website for SOSE legislation