A ‘Sign’ Of The Times – Basic British Sign Language And Deaf Awareness – October 18/November 29

A one-day workshop is being held at Dumfries and Galloway College to give frontline staff the confidence to communicate effectively at a basic level with sign language users.

The workshop will be run by Clint Burgess – an experienced trainer and practitioner who is BSL Level 1 and 2 qualified, CACDP Deaf Awareness and CACDP Deafblind Level 2 (Support) certified.

Key learning objectives for the workshop are:

• Deaf awareness: positioning, lighting, body language and facial expression
• Deaf etiquette: How to communicate effectively
• The different types of Deafness
• Learn everyday words and phrases such as:
– Family Terms
– Work terms
– How to greet people
– Numbers
– Days of the week
– Basic phrases
– Fingerspelling

It costs £45pp and is on Friday October 18 or Friday November 29 from 9am to 4.30pm

Anyone with a group of staff who you would like to undertake this training, a closed course can be arranged at a time and date to suit. This would be costed as a daily rate and to be cost effective would need to have approximately eight or more attendees.

For full details of the course, and to access the online booking system, click: