Short break services consultation suspended

A consultation focused on Short Break Services in Dumfries and Galloway is regrettably set to be suspended due to the current circumstances with COVID-19.

Independent charity Action for Children have been commissioned by the Integration Joint Board (IJB) to carry out the consultation, after they had earlier undertaken a review into current arrangements.

IJB Chairman Andy Ferguson said: “We very much regret that the consultation which had been launched by Action for Children is now set to be paused until further notice.

“Obviously, we are extremely aware that the current situation with COVID-19 simply makes it impossible to continue this work at the present time.

“We have spoken to Action for Children, and they have agreed that the best course of action in the current circumstances is to suspend the consultation activity – with an intention of resuming it at a later date.

“Stakeholders including parents and staff from Short Breaks Services are being informed of this decision.

“With a decision to suspend schools as of today, similarly a decision has been taken to also suspend Short Break Services in Acorn House in order to reduce the risks of transmission.

“Action for Children will be looking to inform when it is possible to resume the consultation process.”