Sector feed in to research on regional work opportunities 

Text from David Martin of Skills Development Scotland

South of Scotland Enterprise and Skills Development Scotland want ensure that small businesses in the region get the support they need to take on apprentices and develop the workplace skills of other young people they recruit.

To further this objective, we have asked Cambridge Policy Consultants to  research any difficulties small businesses in the South of Scotland face in providing opportunities for  work-based skill development and apprenticeships, and what should be done to make it easier for these  businesses to provide these opportunities.

Creating  more work-based skills development  and apprenticeship opportunities in the region generates a number of important benefits:

  • for young people who are struggling badly at this time due to Covid’s impact.
  • for businesses like your own to help ensure the skills you need.
  • for the health of our economy as a whole.

We need your views as an employer on what would make you more likely to take on an apprentice or provide a similar workplace skills opportunity. To gather your views, we would greatly appreciate a maximum of 20 minutes on the phone at any time between 8.00 and 6.00 on weekdays. Your views will remain completely confidential.

We very much hope that you will agree to be contacted by Cambridge Policy Consultants and would be grateful if you could indicate your willingness to be involved by replying to and .