ScottishPower Foundation

The ScottishPower Foundation are now accepting applications for funding in 2020. All applications should be made through the online application process, and submitted by no later than 1pm on Wednesday 24th July 2019.

It is expected that around 20 projects will be funded in 2020 with each project having to meet one of the following aims:

  • The advancement of education
  • The advancement of environmental protection
  • The advancement of the arts, heritage, culture or science
  • The prevention or relief of poverty and the relief of those in need by reason of disability or other disadvantage
  • The advancement of citizenship and community development

Projects will be funded for one year, with applications ranging from £25,000 to £200,000 being encouraged.


  • You are a charity registered with one of the UK Charity Commissions
  • You have an active board of at least three unrelated trustees
  • You have at least one year of published accounts covering a twelve month operating period that show as received on the relevant Charity Commission website
  • Your income in the last set of published accounts was greater than £50,000

Please note the following types of organisation will be unable to apply:

  • Community Interest Companies
  • Second and third teir organisations
  • Organisations whose primary purpose is to give funds to individuals or other organisations
  • Schools (except special needs schools), nurseries, pre-schools, playgroups
  • Animal charities
  • Charities working only outside the United Kingdom

Full Details on the fund: