Scotmid Co-Operative: Community Connect Initiative – Friday February 28

Community Connect is a ground breaking initiative, which enables Scotmid members to give back to their communities.

Three good cause groups from three member regions in Scotland (North, East and West) receive a financial award of up to £15,000 following a vote by Scotmid members.

All three of the good cause groups shortlisted receive a share of £25,000 – split £15,000, £5000 and £5000 based on the votes received.

All Good Cause Groups who have a project or initiative that benefits Communities close to a Scotmid store are welcome to apply. Applications are now open. Applications will close at 5pm on February 28. The financial awards will be made in October.

Applicants must be an established Good Cause Group or Charity or part of a new group who have an idea which will enhance your local community.

For full details see: How does Community Connect work?