Days to go to have your say on housing in Scotland

Age Scotland, the national charity for older people, are seeking the views of people over the age of 55 about their housing and household energy needs.

The national survey is running until Sunday January 19 and people have the chance of winning £50 cash if they complete it.

By 2043, 25 per cent of Scotland’s population is set to be over 65. The Scottish Government has pledged to build 50,000 new homes by the end of this Parliament, and Age Scotland wants to give the Government as much information as possible to ensure the right kinds of housing are being built.

Age Scotland and researchers from Scot Inform are working in partnership to survey people aged over 55 from across Scotland to find out if their home suits their needs and allows them to live well.

The aim is to use the data from the survey to help shape the Scottish Government’s housing policy making, with a view to how to help people live healthily in their own home into older age to establish the kind of homes that people wish to live in in later life.

You can find the digital version of the survey on their website at age.scot/housingsurvey and you can order extra paper copies by calling 0333 323 2400 or emailing policycomms@agescotland.org.uk