Rural Tourism Infrastructure Fund

Rural Tourism Infrastructure Fund (RTIF) was created to address concerns around the pressure on infrastructure and negative impacts on some local communities caused by the increased popularity of scenic areas.

The types of project that could be supported include parking, campervan facilities including disposal points, viewpoints  and toilet provision.

Successful applications must demonstrate the following:

  • A visitor or community pressure point due to increase or anticipated increase in  visitor numbers
  • An enhanced visitor experience 
  • A sustainable approach to the planning design, build and management of the project
  • Effective partnerships and collaboration
  • Project viability and deliverability
  • Community capacity building

Only Local Authorities and National Park Authorities can apply for funding.  However, Community Groups and other agencies can apply to their Local Authority or National Park if they have an eligible project.  Individual businesses are not eligible for RTIF.

Expression of Interest Applications must be in by Wednesday January 22

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