Survey to help development of rural social enterprise hub

A Rural Social Enterprise Hub is being developed to help inform policy and better understand opportunities to use digital tools to connect rural social enterprises.

Social enterprise InspirAlba received £27,536 funding from the Scottish Government to develop the hub.

This will be a focal point for research and development activity on social enterprise in the rural context and create opportunities for collaboration, peer to peer learning and knowledge exchange.

Specifically the Rural Social Enterprise Hub will:

• Build the knowledge base on rural social enterprise in Scotland and the unique characteristics that allow rural areas to develop enterprising solutions to the challenges they face.
• Work collaboratively to identify the particular challenges that face rural social enterprises and the implications of these for their future support.
• Develop peer to peer learning and knowledge exchange opportunities both nationally and internationally.
• Identify learning in relation to the broader agenda of inclusive growth and the move from an economy focused on growth to one focused on wellbeing.

The plans are at an early stage and they are keen to consult on what will be of most benefit to rural social enterprises.

As a first stage in this process a short survey has been developed at: Enterprise Hub Survey

InspirAlba are keen for as many rural-based social enterprises to comple the survey.