Reducing The Harm Conference – February 5

NHS’s Reducing The Harm Conference at Dumfries Baptist Church on Wednesday February 5 from 9am—4pm.

Free partnership training for staff, clients and friends of those affected by alcohol and drugs.

In NHS Dumfries and Galloway drug death rates have doubled since 2008. Each one of these deaths is a tragedy, and every-one is preventable, not inevitable.

With compassion and support from joined up services, creating hope for people in need, and laws that seek to cut harm, the aim is to turn this rising tide around.

This collaborative approach can also negate against harm derived from Blood Borne Viruses, whether around prevention, diagnosis, treatment and care. It can support people living with their drug use and help them sustain change.

Key to this is the involvement of those with lived experience of addiction and recovery – the power of good example.

The conference will provide an invaluable update highlighting new developments, treatments and strategies for staff and peers who support those families affected by problem drug/alcohol use.

To book a place please contact email dumf-uhb.hpt@nhs.net or phone 01387 272724