Public Transport and Travel Transformation event being held

A Public Transport and Travel Transformation Event is being held on Tuesday October 29 in Dumfries.

The event at The Bridge will ask attendees about their priorities for public transport and travel, taking feedback on possible models of delivery.

Dumfries and Galloway Council wants to establish priorities for the long-term vision for public transport and travel across the region to take into account fewer resources in the coming years.

It will be a participative workshop with open discussion where attendees will be actively involved in generating options / ideas for future public transport and travel.

The outcome of the event will be used to present findings to Senior Leadership Team and Elected Members summarising the session / questions / ideas generated for school models.

The output will help plan for the future, taking account the views of staff, members of the public and partners. The event will be a chance for senior officers to listen to what the public tell them are the priorities for public transport and travel.