Programme for Challenge Poverty Week revealed for region

Dumfries and Galloway Council has revealed the Challenge Poverty Week programme for 2019.

The week runs from October 7-13 and is an opportunity to raise your voice against poverty and show what needs to be done to tackle poverty across Scotland.

The programme includes:

• An event in every Ward where community members can come along over a cup of tea and talk about what poverty means in their community and have a discussion around what Ward forums may look like

• Interactive workshops aimed at Elected Members and senior officers to challenge the misconceptions around inequality and income related poverty

• A training for trainers event on the money for life programme for young people

• Free screenings of ‘I Daniel Blake’ the film

• A challenge for people to live on £1 per day for all food and drink for five days (as part of a national campaign)

See below for the full programme.