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Places for Everyone – Coming Soon

Sustrans Scotland’s Places for Everyone fund is set to reopen for new projects.

The aim of the fund is to create safe, attractive, healthier places by increasing the number of trips made by walking, cycling and wheeling for everyday journeys.

Six design principles have been developed to ensure that Places for Everyone projects meeting the aim of the programme. These are the minimum criteria for a successful bid.

  1. Develop ideas collaboratively and in partnership with communities.
  2. Facilitate independent walking, cycling, and wheeling for everyone, including an unaccompanied 12-year old.
  3. Design places that provide enjoyment, comfort and protection.
  4. Ensure access for all and equality of opportunity in public space.
  5. Ensure all proposals are developed in a way that is context-specific and evidence-led.
  6. Reallocate road space, and restrict motor traffic permeability to prioritise people walking, cycling and wheeling over private motor vehicles.

All projects must be subject to Equality Impact Assessments and ecological appraisal. Any predicted negative equalities or ecological impacts of the development must be mitigated and biodiversity enhancement should be delivered wherever possible.

The fund reopens for new projects on Thursday July 25

Full details on the fund can be found here –