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Path Scotland management and leadership skills programme

PATH (Scotland)’s Developing Management and Leadership Skills for Black and Minority Ethnic Communities programme starts in August.

This programme has been developed by PATH (Scotland), with funding from the Equality Unit of the Scottish Government, as a positive action measure towards addressing the under-representation of people from black and minority ethnic communities in management positions, leadership roles and public life.

It aims to support people within this group to fulfil their potential and access opportunities that will result in senior management positions and public appointments becoming more representative of our communities.

The DMLS programme will examine power inequalities, the impact of racism on our culture, and the implications for people from BME communities and their relationships with others and with themselves.

The programme will also enable participants to recognise and further develop their own skills and abilities as managers and leaders, and give them the opportunity to explore how they use their skills at present, and how they want to use them in the future – in their organisations, in their communities and in wider society.

They will then be able to set goals in line with their own vision and values and begin to take action to turn them into reality.

The sessions will be held once per month between August and March 2020, in Renfield Centre, 260 Bath Street, Glasgow, G2 4JP. Full details are in the Programme Outline.

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For further information please contact PATH (Scotland) on 0141 332 9477 or

There is no fee to attend this programme, although participants will need to provide their own lunch.

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