Out of School Care consultation looks for organisation input

A new consultation on Out of School Care has been launched by the Scottish Government.

A draft framework on Out of School Care was published in August and responses are now sought in the consultation before Friday December 6.

You can find the consultation and the draft framework document here: Out of School Care.

The draft sets out a vision for out of school care in Scotland, considers the current picture and asks questions about the benefits and challenges of accessing out of school care.

In this context, the term “Out of School Care” encompasses a wide range of childcare and activity services which are provided to school-age children outside of school hours – this includes breakfast clubs, after-school clubs, holiday clubs, childminders and activity programmes including youth work. These services are most commonly used by primary school children but they want to hear from services for older children too.

Available evidence points to the importance of out of school care outcomes for both children and parents – including play, learning and socialisation benefits for the former; and opportunities to work, train or study for the latter.

Research also suggests that for low income families school holidays can increase financial pressure and may lead to food insecurity and missing out on opportunities that are available to children in higher income families.

Organisations involved in supporting children and families are invited to respond to the consultation. There are 18 questions but participants can answer as many or as few as they want.

They want to understand what children, young people, parents and carers, professionals and experts think about the ways in which out of school care can give children opportunities to play and access life-enhancing experiences and support parents to work, train or study and what difference this makes for children and families. What could this look like in the future?

A  parent pack has also been created to start group discussions about what families want and need from out of school care.

This is available here: Parent Pack