Our Values

We welcome and support all participants and partners of the third sector

  • We recognise that every person is different, and that everyone’s talent should be recognised, encouraged and enabled
  • We believe that trust, honesty, kindness and respect are key to enabling us all to deliver our best
  • We respect and encourage the unique contribution of every third sector organisation

We work together

  • We promote positive, productive and proactive relationships and partnerships
  • We believe that working together can enable us to deliver better outcomes for all

We listen to understand

  • We respect the views of others
  • We identify needs in the sector and shape our response to address those needs
  • We recognise different ways of working and are clear about roles, responsibilities and expectations

We operate with professionalism and integrity

  • We act in an honest and transparent way
  • We will deliver the service we promote
  • We are accountable for what we do and take responsibility for our actions

We recognise, respect and celebrate the qualities of third sector organisations and volunteers

  • We believe that every organisation and volunteer bring value to the sector
  • We believe that we can learn from others, and share skills and best practice
  • We promote the impact the third sector brings to Dumfries and Galloway

We deliver what we say we’re going to deliver

  • We deliver our services in a flexible, open and positive manner
  • We set clear expectations, and strive to exceed them
  • We deliver agreed services using resources efficiently and responsibly