Advancing Manufacturing Challenge Fund opens for third sector

Academic institutions, public bodies, and third sector organisations in Scotland can apply for competitive grant funding to support initiatives that will help small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Scotland improve their manufacturing capabilities.

Up to £14 million of European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) grant funding is currently available, with scope to increase the funds to £18 million depending on the level of demand.

Grant funding will be awarded on a competitive basis, to support the creation of a national network of regionally-based initiatives, to stimulate and improve the innovation performance of SMEs, by providing services focused on improving manufacturing capabilities across Scotland.

The overall aim of the Advancing Manufacturing Challenge Fund  is for projects to be of a scale and level of ambition to have a significant impact on advancing the manufacturing capabilities of SMEs within Scotland and lead to long-term transformational change .

A range of information on the fund, including eligibility criteria, application process and timescales is available on the following site. The site also provides contact details if you require any additional advice on the fund.

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