Making the team work

As part of Year of Young People 2018, sportscotland have produced a toolkit in consultation with the third Young People’s Sport Panel, which offers practical advice, templates and tips to support work with young people.

There is already a significant amount of work currently being undertaken in this area, and sportscotland recognise the development of a panel is only one of a number of ways to engage with young people. However, if partners are looking to take their first steps in establishing a panel or want to find out more about what’s involved, this toolkit can help them get started.

The toolkit will guide them through key steps including setting out objectives, recruiting a panel and establishing a project plan for the panel:

  • Section 1: Early stages – how to prepare for your panel
  • Section 2: Getting started – recruitment and selection
  • Section 3 : Initial set up – taking your first practical steps
  • Section 4: Continued success – raising your profile further
  • Section 5: Next steps – leaving a legacy

sportscotland is committed to supporting the development of young people as leaders in sport. They recognise that with their involvement, we can provide a legacy of confident, knowledgeable and experienced young people who will help to build and strengthen the sporting system. Since developing the Young People’s Sport Panel in 2012, sportscotland believe that young people in Scotland have benefitted considerably from having a platform where their voice is heard and where they have influenced decision making in sport in Scotland.

Please feel free to circulate this email to your partners.  The toolkit can be downloaded and a range of resources on sportscotland’s website here: Toolkit – create your own panel.

If you would like to find out more about the sportscotland Young People’s Sport Panel and some of their work, you can read more here.

sportscotland would be happy to share their knowledge with any partners setting up a young people’s panel – please let them know by contacting