Lochmaben Summer Fling event seeking helpers

Twelve people are being sought to help at this year’s Lochmaben Summer Fling to raise money for local organisations and events that are struggling for funds.

There will be three recipients this year – Lochmaben children’s gala, Lochmaben community initiative and the third is being voted for on a Facebook page at https://bit.ly/2XO6rx5

The Summer Fling is at Lochmaben Community Centre on Saturday August 17. Last year £447 was raised for good causes from the event.

The helpers must be good with people as they will help out at and operate stalls and possibly the tuck shop.

They will also walk around the event grounds making sure things are tidy, people are happy and don’t need assisted or directed to certain areas or stalls, as well as retrieving refreshments for stall holders if requested and assist in general where needed.

If interested in helping contact organiser Fraser Ratcliffe on 07747194238 or via the event’s Facebook page at: www.facebook.com/events/1253627218136840/