Learning, Networking and Capacity Building opportunities for Trustees’ Week

Thanks for visiting our Community Capacity Building Programme resource page

Here you’ll find resources you can download and share. The first section are presentations made during Trustees’ Week 2017 when we ran four day long locality events.

Challenges facing TSO’s and the need for collaboration and sharing. Originally delivered by David Link DOWNLOAD

Facing Forward – mentioned in the above presentation DOWNLOAD   

Gift Aid – Originally delivered by Christine Clarke and Geoff Allison DOWNLOAD

Governing Guidance Principles Workshop – Originally delivered by Karina MacLeod – Senscot Legal Service DOWNLOAD 

Unlocking Resources in your Community – Originally delivered by Keith Wimbles, Chief executive Voluntary Action Fund DOWNLOAD 

Outcomes and Outputs – Originally delivered by Christine Clarke DOWNLOAD 

PVG Changes and how they affect you – Originally delivered by Ann Ferguson, Volunteer Scotland Disclosure Services DOWNLOAD 

Roles and Responsibilities – Originally delivered by Viv Nelson and Selina McMorran TSDG DOWNLOAD 

Volunteer Friendly Award – Originally delivered by Christine Clarke TSDG DOWNLOAD 

Choosing or Renewing your Governing Document – Originally delivered by David Link TSDG DOWNLOAD