Home Energy Scotland ready to offer free advice to householders

Home Energy Scotland provides free and impartial advice on all questions on home energy.

The main focus is advising householders on how to make their homes more energy efficient and how they can minimise their energy wastage and corresponding energy bills.

They also manage local and national energy efficiency programmes on behalf of the Scottish Government, which can provide free or subsidised energy efficiency measures.

This can include boilers, storage heaters, draught-proofing, insulation, renewable technologies, etc.

Free workshops are provided for community groups, fuel poverty awareness training for staff and volunteers, and employee engagement events on themes from low carbon transport to reducing food waste.

Similarly, they provide event support and drop-ins with partnership organisations to further assist their service users.

An Energycarer service assists vulnerable customers who could not manage a phone call.  They can arrange home energy visits and discuss the available help face to face.  This helps vulnerable people to make their homes warmer with practical solutions and advice.

Outreach Officers work in partnership with different agencies, and signpost or refer on to relevant partners who can provide additional support to customers.

For more see: www.energysavingtrust.org.uk/scotland/home-energy-scotland