Historic Environment Repair Grant – Sunday May 31

Grants to support the cost of conservation-standard repair projects for buildings, places of worship or ancient monuments which are of special architectural, historic or archaeological interest.

Under the Historic Environment Repair Grant programme, they normally offer grants from £10,000 – £500,000 to support conservation-standard repair projects across Scotland, which secure the original fabric of historic buildings and ancient monuments using traditional materials and skills, in line with our Advisory Standards of Conservation and Repair.

HES grant support will form part of a wider package of partnership funding. Contact us to discuss the potential level of grant for your organisation.

They expect Historic Environment Repair Grant to be used to repair buildings or ancient monuments, which are of special architectural, historic or archaeological significance.

Applications will be accepted for initial assessment twice in 2020: May 31 and December 31. They will let you know if your project has passed the initial assessment checks within three months.

Please note that the HES grant assessment process is separate from the statutory planning consent process.

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