Harnessing Tomorrow’s Talent workshop with ProjectScotland

Millennials Are From Mars, Managers Are From Venus – An in-depth half-day workshop delivered by ProjectScotland to key stakeholders, leaders and managers who are keen to learn more and engage further in developing intergenerational working within their teams.

The session has a specific focus on the so called ‘Generation Gap’ and will explore the differing work-styles associated across the various generational groups; ‘Baby Boomers’, ‘Gen X’, ‘Millennials’ and ‘Gen Z’ in more depth than our talk.

During it you’ll learn all about and challenge the stereotypical working styles of each generation, whilst being given an opportunity to explore these in the specific context of your own day to day roles. There is also an opportunity to explore what your organisation ‘says it is like to work for’ (in the context of experiences for young people) versus the ‘actual reality’ of your day to day working experience.

Practical solutions of how to make ‘who you say you are’ and ‘who you actually are’ far more aligned are then explored.

Anyone who leads, manages or works in a team/office that works with young people (or has a mix of generations working in their team) and is looking to learn more about how to work with and motivate young people/millennials successfully. If you’re a millennial yourself, you will also gain great insights into your own working style and how to work with other generations – better adapting your skills to help you play your part in successful crossgenerational team working.

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