Grants for community-led activity

This funding aims to support communities to improve the places they live and the wellbeing of those most in need.

The success rate for grants for community-led activity funding is 55 per cent based on decisions made between 1 September 2016 and 31 October 2016.

The Big Lottery Fund will fund organisations to deliver work that achieves the following outcomes:

  • Everyone in the community has the opportunity to influence and get involved in community-led activity
  • People in the community are better connected and work together to improve their well-being.

They also want to fund work that is people-led, connected, and strengths-based. We call these our ‘three approaches’. Find out more about what that means in the three approaches section of our website.


This funding is for organisations in Scotland that are based in the local area they serve and are run by local people.

Your organisation should have a governing body such as a committee or board which includes at least three unrelated people and a written governing document such as a constitution. This governing document should make it clear that your organisation has:

  • A social purpose – Your organisation must have a clearly stated purpose which benefits the local area in some way
  • Open membership – Everyone living in the area should be able to get involved in your organisation and the work that it does
  • Community control – The majority of people serving on your governing body are from the local area and make the decisions.

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