Government respond to YouthVIP project recommendations

The Scottish Government has released its response to a report on the Youth Volunteering Innovation Project (YouthVIP).

The project – led by ProjectScotland and Young Scot – was created to develop knowledge of volunteering and the challenges faced by young people.

A national youth volunteering design team was created using a group of young volunteers from a variety of backgrounds living across Scotland.

Early last year, the team finalised 13 recommendations to pass to Scottish Government. Each one of the recommendations aimed to provide food for thought, encourage collaboration and innovation and maintain the involvement of young people in decision-making in Scotland.

The report from last year can be read here: YouthVIP_Report

In the government’s response, Aileen Campbell, Cabinet Secretary for Communities and Local Government, said they recognised the themes that were brought to light by this project and was committed to working with partners to address them.

“These include the volunteer experience for young people, personal and professional development, stigma surrounding volunteering, getting into volunteering and accessibility,” she said. “Improvement across all of these depend upon the approach of the third sector and partners in the public and private sector.”

Volunteering was key to achieving a shared ambition of creating a fairer and more prosperous country with equality of opportunity for all.

To read the Government’s response click here: