Funding for Project in Areas of Greatest Need in Rural UK

Maximum Available: £50,000
Closing Date: 21/02/19 – 16:00
Information Source: Grantfinder

Organisations can apply for a maximum of £50,000, or £25,000 if a shop, pub or village hall project (inclusive of VAT) for a maximum period of three years.

The Prince’s Countryside Fund has been established to support the sustainability and protection of farms and rural communities throughout the UK. The funding it provides aims to have a long-term impact on rural communities, helping those that live and work there sustain the countryside by tackling key rural issues.

Grants must result in things that directly relate to the Fund’s objectives to:

  • Sustain rural communities and drive economic vibrancy
  • Improve the prospects of viability for farm and rural businesses
  • Support aid delivery in emergencies and build resilience

For more information or to apply for this fund, please use the following link: