Faiths in Scotland

Faiths in Scotland Community Action Fund – July 26

The Faiths in Scotland Community Action Fund works with local faith groups, and provides grants and support in Scotland’s most fragile and rural communities.

They have recently started accepting applications for up to £2000 over 1 year. The next deadline is Friday July 26 2019.


You must be able to answer yes to all of the questions below:

1. Are you a locally based faith group?
2. Are you tackling a particular aspect of poverty in your community?
3. Is your work inspired by, and rooted in, faith?
4. Do you plan to plan to encourage the widest possible participation through your work?
5. Do you have a signed and dated constitution?
6. Do you have a bank account?
7. Are you a charity registered in Scotland?
8. Are you able to spend any grant awarded by FiSCAF within 9 months of the date of award?


Applications will not be accepted if they involve the promotion of a particular faith or building / refurbishment projects.

Applications for major projects for ongoing running costs of established organisations and projects can not be accepted.


Full details for the Faiths in Scotland Community Action Fund :