Engage & Influence

Engage and Influence is a work stream designed to establish a clear vision and sense of purpose to our role in Community Planning – to establish a baseline of understanding and bring new thinking to the way that we work within the Community Planning Framework. For more information on Community Planning and the third sector, please see Policy Briefing No.2 available here.

We are working to deliver on 4 key milestones:

  • Develop a comprehensive understanding of community planning partnerships and other public sector partnerships, work streams and change programmes where there is an expectation of engagement from the third sector;
  • Develop a database of and record information about the people currently representing the third sector – and a panel of people that we can call on to represent the sector in the future;
  • Develop and implement systems for supporting (including training and briefings on issues) third sector representatives and ensuring that they are accountable for their work;
  • Develop effective thematic networks of third sector organisations and ensure that these networks are supported, able to set and prioritise issues of concern, and can influence the work of staff and third sector representatives.

We are working to develop a web page for each partnership that we are engaged with. Here you will be able to see a description of the partnership’s remit and membership as well as details of who represents the third sector and current issues.

Third Sector Forums
The mission of the Third Sector Forums is to better connect the third sector to Community Planning, in order to influence the way in which services are delivered to the communities of Dumfries and Galloway. The Forums seek to create an environment where third sector organisations can discuss and share ideas, issues and help enable them to reach their full potential. Read more...

Community Planning Partnership
This section contains information on ‘Community Planning’ and ‘Health and Social Care’ Read more…

Statutory Partnerships
This section contains information on the ‘Adult Protection Committee’ and the ‘Alcohol and Drugs Partnership’ Read more…

Thematic Partnerships contributing to the Single Outcome Agreement
This section contains information on the Employability Partnership and Community Safety Partnership  Read more…

Community Planning Thematic Working Groups

Community Planning Central Working Groups

We recently held a training session for Third Sector Representatives. Click below PowerPoint slides and more information.

Training Resources for Third Sector Representatives


Community Planning Engagement Event

Hayley McGowan
Liz Manson