Disability Assistance consultation under way in Scotland

A consultation on disability assistance in Scotland is being held by the nation’s social security team.

It is seeking views on the proposed approach to delivery of devolved disability assistance in Scotland.

Cabinet Secretary Shirley-Anne Somerville said delivering disability assistance was the next big step in creating a social security system in Scotland.

“Delivering Disability Assistance offers us an opportunity to have a positive impact on a huge number of people who contribute significantly to our communities, adding talent, diversity and richness to our society. Many are restricted in their life choices because of the barriers put in their way,” she said.

“Delivering Disability Assistance offers us the opportunity to remove some of these barriers and help people secure the financial support that they need to aid day-to-day life.”

The Scottish Government wanted to ensure that there was “real trust” placed in the social security system in the country. To gain that trust they must uphold their values of treating people with dignity, fairness and respect. She said that throughout the consultation there was an embedded ethos of treating people in line with those values.

It would follow the successful delivery of the first new benefits and the delivery of the first payments by our new public service Social Security Scotland.

“I recognise that some of the barriers faced by ill and disabled people has been caused by recent changes in disability benefits by the UK Government,” the Cabinet Secretary said. “We have
repeatedly heard about the stress and anxiety caused by the current system. We will ensure that the system in Scotland is different. We will create a fair, transparent system which respects the needs of individuals and works for people, not against them.”

More details and the consultation document can be found here: www.gov.scot/publications/social-security-consultation-disability-assistance-scotland/pages/14/