Consultation begins on replacement of European Structural Funds post EU-exit

A Scottish Government consultation is under way on the replacement of European Structural Funds post EU-exit.

The consultation is looking at how any replacement funding vehicle could best meet the needs of citizens, businesses and communities.

The UK Government has announced that it will roll out a successor programme to European Structural Funds called the UK Shared Prosperity Fund aimed at tackling “inequalities between communities by raising productivity, especially in those parts of our country whose economies are furthest behind”.

The consultation will consider how Scotland believes any new fund should be designed and aim to ensure that the country has a say in the creation of a new policy approach that could transform how inclusive economic growth is promoted.

The UK Government has yet to provide further details on how the replacement fund might work or how Scotland, and the other devolved nations, will be involved in its development.

Comments can be submitted to the Future Funds team within the Scottish Government by February 12, please contact: An accompanying document can be viewed here:

In addition to the written consultation, there will also be a series of consultation events held between now and the end of January to look in more depth at some of the questions raised. It is planned that these will be held throughout Scotland and further details will be available in due course.

Following analysis, a final report will be produced setting out how Scotland intends to proceed. This is expected to be ready in Spring next year.

The consultation questions are available here: