Community justice learning programme releases Making the Change report

A report has been published from a programme designed to build capacity for local collaborative leadership and learning throughout community justice.

The year-long cross-sectoral action learning programme Making the Change was led by the Criminal Justice Voluntary Sector Forum in collaboration with Community Justice Scotland.

The programme built on the work of the Strengthening Engagement Transition Project to develop leadership in achieving community justice outcomes. Some of the key questions posed by programme participants included:

  • How do we get beyond analysing issues and problems in community justice and onto leading the change we want to see?
  • How can I lead change?
  • How can I lead change without having positional authority?
  • How can I exert ownership and exercise leadership within and across organisational boundaries?

The programme began with an introductory ‘Kickabout Event’ in March last year. Following this, almost 30 applications were received to take part. A group of twelve cross-sectoral leaders were selected to be involved in the programme which consisted of a series of five action learning sessions from May 2019 to February 2020.

An open event was held in early March 2020 to share learning from the programme and ideas for potential first steps to make a change. This event was designed to get input and feedback from others involved in community justice about their experiences of leading change in this recently redeveloped sector.

The report presents learning from the journey to explore key challenges and opportunities for change in the community justice sector in Scotland.

It can be downloaded here: Making-the-Change-Programme-Report-FINAL-002.pdf