Commission applications sought to manage next science festival – September 28

An invitation has been made to apply for the commission to co-ordinate and manage the Dumfries and Galloway Science and Environment Festival on behalf of the Dumfries and Galloway Local Management Group.

The commission is open to an individual or an organisation.

The DG Science and Environment Festival Fun Day is on Sunday May 31 2020 and any associated public engagement events will be in the week beginning Sunday May 24.

Commission: £2000. Start date: November 1 2019. Finish date: June 30 2020.

Purpose: To help the local management group to plan and deliver the seventh annual DG Science and Environment Festival Fun Day  on May 31 2020 and any associated public engagement events (henceforth referred  to as The Festival).

You will be expected to:

  • Be, from November 1, a point of contact for the DG Science and Environment Family Fun day; Essential requirements:

The working hours are flexible except for May 31 when you will be expected to work at Easterbrook Hall, Crichton Campus, Dumfries from 8.30am to the end of the family fun day clear up time.

You must have: discloser; personal transport; High level Planning and Organising and Communication skills; Ability to use Dropbox; Experience of events management; A strong interest in public communication of STEM and environmental sciences; Knowledge of health and safety and risk assessment

Application is by e mail with two referees and their contact details and your Curriculum Vitae attached.

Your email should address and provide examples for each of the essential requirements. You are free to add any additional information if you feel it is relevant.

Date: Applications must be received by 9am Friday September 28.

You will be informed if you have been successful or not by Friday October 4.

BACKGROUND DG Science Festival Summary 2019

It is part of a wider programme involving schools STEM events in the week leading up to the family fun day. This are managed by Dr Rebecca Crawford and are out with this commission.

Our overall Aims and Objectives

We aim to support government education agendas, by:

  • Providing a fun, stimulating and non-threatening entry point for different publics to explore STEM, that is also appealing to the media.
  • Providing a range of activities that can help bring to life the CfE.
  • Providing opportunities for those working in STEM to engage with the public.
  • Providing opportunities to showcase Scottish research excellence.
  • Connecting with school pupils through positive learning experiences and interactions 
with suitable role models for careers in STEM.
  • Build long-term relationships with schools to support school plans.
  • Raise the public profile of STEM subjects for the wider community.
  • Build STEM Ambassadors and partnership between STEM D&G organisations.
  • Encourage national STEM provider activities into the region.
  • Promote the Crichton Campus as a welcoming and dynamic place.
  • create a festival plan of events and providers based on prior festivals (you will be provided with descriptions and contacts of pervious providers and participants) and, once approved, implementing it;
  • promote the festival and associated events via social media and approved press releases, in partnership with Lynn Anderson;
  • liaise with The Easterbrook hall staff, the Rutherford McGowan staff and the Environmental Fair team on matters concerning the planned events and smooth running of The Festival;
  • invite, on our behalf, providers for the Festival;
  • record responses to invitations, including any terms and conditions and fees agreed in advance with providers and approved by the Local Management Group;
  • issue letters/e mails of agreement on our behalf to the providers;
  • maintain the 2020 festival event spreadsheet kept on Dropbox so that it is up to date and accessible to us;
  • organise and inform providers providing events and activities about set up, get out and tidy up;
  • supervise the festival, managing and deploying STEM Ambassadors, volunteers and event providers;
  • provide and, where appropriate request, risk assessments prior to The Festival to ensure all activities s are carried out safely;
  • prevent any activities deemed unsafe for the public going ahead.
  • organise, collect and collate feedback and data regarding visitors to the events including engaging with children, adults, providers, events staff;
  • provide the local management committee with a short summary report within one month of 31st May, when the commission terminates;
  • Give feedback to us on ways in which events can be improved/ altered for 2021.
  • Offer students involvement and develop student skills.

The family and public audience on the Festival Family day was 3840 and feedback from providers in was excellent, with a real buzz. Our STEM partners are experienced in delivering engaging activities so we expected providers to enjoy themselves. What we have been delighted with was how well attended activities were, the quality of the prolonged interactions and the new demographic.

All events were free. These events would not have been possible without funding from the Scottish Government, the Holywood Trust, the Crichton Trust, University of Glasgow, Science Connects and in-kind support from partner organisations.

At a glance, in 2019:

  •  There were 32 partner organisations. Existing collaborations were maintained and new ones developed.
  •  14 volunteers, including young S6 students.
  •  23 people from partner organisations contributed an estimated 44 staff days.
  •  The Facebook reach was around 8K in the days before the festival (thanks to Lynn).
  •  We aimed to have at least 20% of ‘homegrown’ content and in fact had 60%.

There were 3 main strands, for Schools, for Community/Public and for Families.

There were 11 separate events/projects including:

–  Family Day – a programme of workshops and exhibitions organised by local co-ordinators Carolyn Yates and Lynne Anderson.

–  Wigtown space works events.

–  Evening Bat Walks with the D&G Bat Group.

–  Science Busking in Dumfries and Monaive.

–  Science Baking and Science Photo Competition.

–  The Community Peace Festival at the Y Centre.

–  WISE and local anthologies – used as DARTS (Directed Activities Related to Text).

–  School outreach (Juggling Musician, ThinkScience, Bat Group, Science Circus, 
SlimeLab, 3ml, Creating Engineers (across 32 D&G schools), Creating Engineers Final (one final held at the Crichton), Science Connects D&G STEM Ambassador recruitment and activity staffed at Bang Goes DG.