Comic Relief – Tech for Good

Closing Date – Midday 25/03/19

Maximum Available: £48,000

This programme aims to provide the opportunity for not-for-profit organisations, who already have some technological capacity, to take their digital innovation projects forward. Comic Relief are looking to fund teams to make a significant digital step forward within nine months. 

A wide range of digital interventions will be considered and the aim is to fund projects that: 

  • Are focused on specific user needs in their design, delivery and development
  • Make best use of existing technology
  • Disrupt and challenge existing ways of delivering services
  • Have a clear sustainability plan
  • Are shareable with other parts of the non-profit sector

Applicants need to demonstrate that they understand how to manage a successful project, show staff engagement and interest in the work, that they have sound internal or external technical expertise in their management and delivery team, as well as the enthusiasm to engage with a collaborative cohort of funded partners.

Exceptional proposals will include evidence of applicants having considered in depth the specific problem they are aiming to tackle, as well as carrying out some user-centred research.

Comic Relief are looking to fund more than just good ideas. They want to fund projects that will deliver better services and improve outcomes for users and beneficiaries. 

The grant can only cover expenditure incurred and activity done during the grant period (i.e. after August 2019). They will provide successful applicants with specialist support or mentoring.